HomeAssistant - Turning off the lights when nobody is home

    Some notes on Home Assistant groups - ‘people’ groups are apparently now ‘old style groups’ and are legacy, so here is how i figured out to use zones to achieve the same thing. These are useful to create a ‘home’ entity that can be used to turn off lights and smart plugs when everyone leaves the house. You’ll need to assign each user in your home assistant install a device, so we know their current location.

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    Aqara vs Sonoff Zigbee Sensors

    The Aqara temperature sensors for #homeassistant report about 0.2°C higher than the Sonoff units they replace. I’ll probably want to calibrate them properly, but this is close enough for now!

    Bought some Aqara temperature sensors from Aliexpress for #HomeAssistant - they’re smaller, don’t use the stupid CR2450 battery, and they paired first time.

    I’ll see how they hold up, and write a longer post about them in a few weeks.

    Home Assistant - Rising/Falling Temperature Indicator

    Another post in my series of ‘if I don’t document it, I will forget how to do this again in 2 years time! I recently wanted a visual indicator as to whether the temperature in our home was rising and falling. This is possible with Home Assistant but the configuration is a bit cumbersome (like most of Home Assistant, honestly…) To start with, take note of the names of the temperature sensors you want to create Rising/Falling entities for.

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