Super Nintendo Online - Yoshi’s Island - 10h35m

yoshi island{:class=“img-fluid” :alt=“Yoshi’s Island”}

I set out to complete Yoshi’s Island (SNES) this month and managed to complete that goal! Another one off the backlog… since I originally bought the GBA version on the WiiU virtual console.

This is a great game but the difficulty curve towards the end is ridiculously steep. It rewards you when you (eventually) get it right in a way that modern Nintendo games don’t. I should probably play Super Mario World soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 6h31m

witcher3{:class=“img-fluid” :alt=“The Witcher 3”} The Witcher 3 {:.image-caption}

Bought the PC version this month as it hit my price threshold of a tenner. Transferring my save over from the Switch was as easy as logging into Steam. It is obviously a lot prettier on PC but the lack of portability isn’t exactly a problem right now due to the pandemic.

I am aiming to finish the main story of the base game by the end of year but I suppose I will get sidetracked! I really enjoyed the Netflix show, and have been reading through the books this year so more Witcher lore is great.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 5h40m

I played a bit more Animal Crossing than I had been in recent months. I am still basically done with my island but I am going back for events such as the fireworks and bug catching contests.I have a plan to terraform my island and we’ll see if I stick to it next month.. the teraforming UI is terrible.

Maybe Nintendo will release an update that has stuff like the islands from New Leaf. As it stands, my island just seems a bit dull with nothing to actually do.