Here are my goals for 2019. Most of these involve self improvement of some sort, and crucially don’t involve simply cutting things out, or a fixed number of things to do a week or whatever.. Each year I’ve said ‘exercise 3 times a week’, ‘no energy drinks’…. Well that doesn’t end up happening.

2018 was a great year, and 2019 will be even better!

Goals for 2019{:class=“img-fluid”}

Spend time improving yourself mentally and physically

  • Lose 3.8 stone (24kg) by the time you’re thirty (413 days and counting!)
  • Become proficient in Python coding
  • Dabble some more with Pi/Arduino stuff
  • Complete certifications such as project management through work

Enjoy what you have

  • Play the games you already own. You can have 2 ‘joker’ games throughout the year though because you’re going to buy them anyway…
  • Read the books on your (virtual) shelf.

Cook more, drink less, be healthier

  • Learn to cook from Amelia (my wife)
  • Drink less alcohol, less coffee, less energy drinks
  • Drink more water