We left on the West Highland line for a short two hour run to Mallaig, this line has apparently been voted one of the most scenic railway journeys in the world.

Fort William to Mallaig: 41 miles (Running total: 683 miles)


We passed the Glenfinnan Viaduct which you might remember featuring in the Harry Potter movies, and were shortly in Mallaig; a small coastal ferry port on the west coast of the Highlands.


After a brief stop at the B&B, we found the lifeboat and the two pubs. My 100th beer on Untapped was actually in Mallaig.. Tennent’s Lager at The Steam Inn! Probably could of made a better choice for the 100th, but nevermind now.


Early to rise the next day, we got the 6.02 to Glasgow Queen Street and settled in for the six hour journey. Along the way, we saw the highest station on the network (it’s also 10 miles from the nearest public road) and lots and lots of mountains. It was the prettiest of all of journeys all week.

Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street: 161 miles (Running total: 844 miles)

We got the Glasgow and found the obligatory Spoons for lunch then headed to [Central Station for our tour] we’d booked weeks before. I highly recommend the tour if you ever find yourself in Glasgow as the guide (a former station manager) is full of knowledge and excitement about the station and it’s history of the last century. The story about the fish and chip shop was a highlight, but you’ll have to go and do the tour yourself to hear it!

Appearing out of a side corridor behind the ticket barriers was amusing, and confused the commuters who we emerged into. I imagine they were considering just why we were wearing hivis and orange caps!

Thirteen quid might seem a bit steep, but no. Just do it. Paul makes it well worth it, he doesn’t have [771+ 5 Star reviews on TripAdvisor] for nothing!

The next stop on our adventure was Edinburgh, and the final night of our holiday. We checked in, and started exploring. I took us back to The Boozy Cow for dinner (I went last year when I was in Edinburgh last) and it was just as good as I remembered. Afterwards, we found a cocktail bar called Panda and Sons. Worth a visit!

Glasgow Central to Edinburgh Waverley: 46 miles (Running Total 890 miles)

The next day we headed back to Glasgow, found a Wetherspoons (lol, ….) and went to the airport to catch our flight that afternoon. We didn’t do much, and I don’t have any more interesting photos.

In my next trip blog, I am going to dissect from Untappd history from the week, and talk about all the fun beers I tried!

Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street LL: 44 miles, Total Rail Miles for the Week: 934 miles