So, I managed to avoid blogging at all in September (and half of October!). It’s been fairly hectic recently, work filled up my spare time in September and now I’m back at uni full time too!

I’ve been working towards completing some games, and contemplating the future of my various projects including Tupcast. Currently, you might of noticed that Tupcast is in hibernation. We don’t have time to record between us, let along write up simple blog posts. We’ll see how that goes over the next few months.

I’m hoping the next episode might be released mid September when Laurence comes to Bangor once again. The last time we recorded was when he came to Bangor… Until that point, I guess Tupcast is going to continue in a state of suspended animation.

Meanwhile I have started my third year project, and am getting back into studying whilst Pokemon X&Y, and GTA V among other epic games have been released. I don’t have enough spare time.

I have some Tupcast posts planned, but Pokemon is calling me… Maybe I should just be studying instead? ;)

Until next time!