Finished my first game of Four in February! 7:28:36 and I’ve destroyed the One Ring in Lego Lord of the Rings. Woop! I won’t be continuing to 100% because that’s plainly ridiculous in a LEGO game with thousands of collectables to find.

I had a lot of fun completing the story, and enjoyed the LEGO styling of the characters. All were done well, and were instantly recognizable. Going through freeplay with the cast of unlocked would be great I just wouldn’t get any of my other Four in February games completed (before June).

Lego LOTR Image 1

You shall not pass!

Lego LOTR Image 1

LEGO Randomness

Lego LOTR Image 1

Little Orcs!

Just before we headed off to ally with the Army of the Dead, we ran into some dancing minifigs hiding in tents. There were three tents all with a different dance; the occupants all looked embarrassed when they were exposed… I also remember at some point a sword being turned into a pile of bananas. Pretty sure that never happened in the movies or the books.

My next game is probably going to be Pokémon Black 2, which I aim to finish before the end of the week! See you then!