I’ve slacked off the last week or so since I broke (and have now fixed) my bike, and now that the weather is awesome (and I have the day off work!) now is a great time to get back on the bike (and do some other exercises too).

In other news, I passed my HND with a Merit grade which means I got what I needed to get into the second year at Bangor! Woot! Although it is pretty scary, as I’ll be going in around 8 (short) weeks! This gives more urgency to my getting healthy plans!

I’ve lost around 5kg so far and to be honest haven’t exactly been trying. I looked at the scales this morning and saw 100.0kg which was honestly amazing. This was my first major goal, having started this journey at 104.9kg back in mid April. I completed that 50miles on the bike, in the first two weeks of July and now I’m going to set another 50 mile goal for the next four weeks. It should be achievable, seeing as I generally have three days a week off! 3 times 8-10 mile ride = 25-30 miles a week! I want to do it, and I intend to. I really do.

I’m going to start the 100/200 Situp/Crunch/Pushup programs which I’ve been putting off for a while now. I bought the exercise mat which is gathering dust, so therefore I ought to make the effort and give them a go. Some people say they don’t help but since I don’t have access to a gym they will have to do.

Oh, welcome to my office for today…

My Office