+Laurence Andrews already posted about our latest biking escapade. I’ve made a point to go more days this week than last, and so far I’ve equalled my current stats.

Tonight’s ride was pretty cool, around 6.6 miles. It was starting to rain, but wasn’t that bad really since it was fairly light. I had my new waterproof bike jacket and glasses I got from Aldi’s for less than a tenner so to be honest I was pretty comfortable. Except for the seat, which is being replaced tomorrow! Yay! I actually can’t wait.

We stumbled across a random man on a bridle path who scared the shit out of both of us because it was so unexpected. Apparently he was fishing, but I didn’t see the rod. The bridle path, it turns out, wasn’t really passable for bikes. Of course, we did it anyway.

Found another level crossing too! Always fun. Lots of stinging nettles? Not so much fun.
Laurence taught me a bit more about using the gears properly (it’s been a long time since I’ve regularly rode a bike!) and I actually managed to get up all the hills without getting off and walking! This is a definite improvement to a few weeks ago. I just think about the little engine that could….

as it stands today, I am 60% towards my goal of cycling 50 miles in July!

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