This post is mainly for my friend Jack’s benefit, since he has finally gotten up to speed with a new HTC One S. You might find it handy too, though. What follows is a run down of the applications that I use on my phone on a regular basis.

3G Watchdog

Keeps a track of how much data I use in a month, making sure I don’t go over the allowance. Handy. Sits quietly in the notification tray.


Sit phone in cradle on desk. Send text messages from browser on laptop. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Juice Defender

I don’t really care about push emails, or getting live facebook notifications (much..). Juice Defender lets you choose how your phone manages it’s data connection (which uses your battery). Mine is set to the extreme preset which disables 3G until whitelisted apps open such as twitter, the email client or facebook for example. You may need to buy the Plus or Ultimate versions, I think I did (a long time ago…)


Do you like podcasts? If yes, then this app is awesome and lets you manage podcast subscriptions from your phone and features the ability to only download when on power and wifi etc. Also, subscribe to our podcast!

Reddit is fun

Self explanatory. Although apparently bacon reader is the hot new app in town.

Remember the milk

I already use this webservice on my computer and iPad. Let’s me organise my assignments and actually have a hope of doing them on time. The homescreen widgets are really handy too

Hopefully this list is helpful for someone, if you have any app suggestions feel free to leave a comment! I’ll do a similar round up for iPad next.