I’m quite happy to have my shiny (sort of) new iPad. No, I don’t have an iPad (3rd Generation) or a ‘New iPad’ as everyone loves to call it. I bought my dad’s old iPad because he of course had to have to latest. Not a problem, it means I get his old stuff. It’s not that old, and it’s still very awesome. Considering I recently discovered a version of Sim Tower for the thing… (Yoot Tower, if you are interested at all)

I’ve been without an iPad for just under two months (I sold my iPad in January for £180 to CeX..), I thought I could do without it but I was sorely mistaken. App wise, I missed Alient Blue and Flipboard. Now I’ve gotten a bluetooth keyboard setup with my iPad I am hoping that I might blog slightly more, but that of course depends if I have anything interesting to say (By the way if you are trying to pair and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, hold down the power button until the iPad recognises the keyboard and gives you a number to pair it with (and not before… took me ages to figure that out))

Other things I missed included easily catching up with my youtube subscriptions from the comfort of bed (Epic Meal Time, The Slow Mo Guys, and Alex Day.. thank you for all the entertaining videos but Alex, I’m not so sure about your latest song…)

In other news, uni has just become stressful and more of a nightmare and I’ve been sick all week with some random bug that had me in bed all day and awake all night. Missing an open day at Glamorgan in the process. Next one isn’t till June either and it isn’t specific to my course either! Boo.

I’ve also learnt some more about time management this week, and I am trying to avoid doing uni work on weekends and after 10pm at night. Except this week, because I was sick, which completely threw off my plan. But whatever, I have two nights and two essays to write. Easy…. See you on the other side… Wasn’t that a boring update on my life?