Ouch. I think I realised I had a problem after I took this photo at the university library the other week.

caffeine problem

I was probably drinking an average of 1 to 2 cans of various energy drinks daily. (Rockstar Guava is the best energy drink ever. No debating.) It’s never caused me much problems until this week. It just continued the vicious cycle which crashed and burnt spectacularly this week. Withdrawal fucking sucks. Remind me never to take hard drugs, kthx.

After my late night library sessions earlier in the week I drastically (subconsciously, I think) cut back on my caffeine intake. I’ve probably had three cups of coffee since Tuesday which is something I should probably be really proud of. If my head didn’t feel like it was about to explode at any given moment.

I woke up yesterday (Wednesday) with a massive headache. As in, it hurt whenever I moved. Getting up hurt, having a shower wasn’t a fun experience and I ended up calling in sick for uni and lazing about all day feeling sorry for myself occasionally taking some painkillers. Today I went in to uni to get my feedback on the poster I’d handed in. (Size 40 is too big… Whoops!)

I got through that lecture and the headache returned for some more punishment. I decided that I probably wasn’t going to get anything done so I let my lecturers know that I was going home. I slept all afternoon and still feel pretty shitty.

Hopefully tomorrow involves less headaches and more feeling better. I don’t even want to think about work on Saturday currently! I think this may be my catalyst for getting healthier, sleeping more and generally not consuming as much crap as I have been known to consume in the past.


I don’t expect I’ll go caffeine free, I’m not that silly. I’m just going to avoid energy drinks!