Super Mario RPG is an excellent remake! Now can we please have the Earthbound trilogy in this style! 🎮

If this didn’t have an upload date of 2010, i could be convinced that someone asked an AI to generate new console ideas! 🎮

Still waiting on my PsWi60.…

Looking forward to playing The Witcher: Old World board game soon! 🎲

Some quick thoughts on the CRKD NitroDeck for Switch

After a few weeks with the NitroDeck switch grip… 🎮 it’s still feeling very comfortable, I don’t find the right stick awkward at all. The rumble motor is whiny and will annoy everyone in the room. The ability to use it as a wired controller is actually quite nifty. I used this last week when I was travelling (in conjunction with a Genki dock) 🎮

Saw a badger run past our house whilst watching the lunar eclipse! What a wild Saturday evening. 🌓🦡

This is going on the watchlist for next year, for sure. All the Fallout games are currently discounted on Xbox too. ☢️…

How to use Shortcuts, and Focus Modes to help with procrastination

Using shortcuts on iPad and iPhone, you can deny yourself access to apps based on your current focus mode. I’m using this to cut down on Discord, Reddit and Instagram during the day. It’s not full proof, as you can simply change the focus mode to load the app. However I’ve found that being dumped back at the Home Screen reminded me I should probably do some work. Part 1 - Focus Modes To do this, you’ll already need to be using Focus Modes.

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What the heck has Discord done to their mobile app? The latest update is atrocious

🎵 Current Obsession - Oceana by Maleav

🎮 Finished Playing: Dragon Quest IX (Not the postgame content!) Dragon Quest IX Title Art

Resumed playing: Snowrunner Snowrunner Title Art

Started Playing: Wargroove Wargroove Title Art

HomeAssistant - Turning off the lights when nobody is home

Some notes on Home Assistant groups - ‘people’ groups are apparently now ‘old style groups’ and are legacy, so here is how i figured out to use zones to achieve the same thing. These are useful to create a ‘home’ entity that can be used to turn off lights and smart plugs when everyone leaves the house. You’ll need to assign each user in your home assistant install a device, so we know their current location.

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Beat the Elite Four in Soul Silver earlier, so jumping into another game before going back to finish the second half and beat Red!

I remember buying Dragon Quest IX back in 2010 - no idea why I didn’t finish it back then. Time to change that! 🎮

Title screen of Dragon Quest IX &10;playing on a Nintendo New 3DS

I’ve been successfully cutting down on caffeine this week - about half so far, the goal over the next few weeks is to fully decaf. I’ve been sleeping better, and feeling marginally more focused. ☕️

For anyone wondering about #Starfield bugs.. well, it just played two cutscenes at the same time… classic bethesda is back! Haven’t been stuck in a wall yet though 🎮

This seems fun! 🎮

#Starfield #NoSpoilers

Starfield Title Screen

Went for a stroll along the canals in Birmingham today. I should really get out more, there’s so much to explore 📷

Looking from the tow path of a canal towards a spill way covered in graffiti. The entire scene is below a building.A narrow boat emerges from a tunnel and out of a canal lock

I apparently have 700 videos on my watch list on YouTube. I should probably start watching those at some point.

Finally made the jump from Spotify Family to YouTube Premium Family. Mostly because Spotify seems to have quietly removed support, but also because the price difference is now £1.

Fun times ahead moving playlists!

Is there a board game community on Microblog?

Snowrunner gaining cross-save capability is the news I didn’t know I wanted! Whilst Snowrunner runs absolutely fine on Switch, and this is perfect for when I travel… it just looks so pretty on Xbox! And now you can move saves between the two! 🎮